Abby Crabby  for iPhone and iPod Touch

Abby Crabby is an original game with nostalgic feel and a modern twist.  Arcade fans will recognize the classic action and gameplay in our undersea take on what some might call a fusion of Space Invaders, Missile Command and the Caribbean.

Unfortunately for these crabs, they live in the Pacific Garbage Patch. Tilt to navigate Abby Crabby across the dangerous waters of the ocean floor as trash falls from above.  Protect the baby crabs by bouncing, catching and throwing thrash with a swipe!

A portion from each sale is donated to the Monterey Bay Center for the Future of the Oceans.




  1. The game is colorful and the animations are crisp.

  2. The sounds are very good and the soundtrack has a nice steel drum feel.

  3. Abby Crabby didn’t take the easy way out by just giving good game play.  You’ll find bonus items like beach balls, dynamite and starts to spice things up, and there are several achievements to unlock.

  4. Unlockables really up the replay factor.

  5. A great pick up and play game that will work for all ages.


  1. Launching garbage back and popping falling debris is fun!

  2. Don't mess with a crab carrying dynamite and broken bottle!

  3. The catchy soundtrack remains one of my favorites.

  4. High quality and a joy to play.

Frequently asked questions

Q:  What are the achievements?

A:  They are made during game play as follows:

Tire Tosser:  At anytime, threw two tires simultaneously.

Toss-less:  In a single round, no trash thrown.

Cleaner:  In a single round, no trash hit the ground.

Star Gazer:  In a single game, threw several stars.

Ball Popper:  In a single game, popped several balls.

Clean Machine:  In a single round, cleaned lots of trash.

Party Animal:  In a single round, lots of Abby movement.

Pitcher:  In a single game, tossed lots of trash.

Footballer:  In a single round, head-butted lots of trash.

Goodyear:  In a single game, threw lots of tires.

Wok Toss:  At anytime, threw two pans simultaneously.

Lady’s Night:  Reached level six with all babies.

Noisemaker:  In a single game, threw lots of TNT.

Vexed Sailor:  In a single game, released a bunch of babies from the crab trap.

Q:  How do the power-ups work?

A:  In later levels a star or dynamite stick may fall from above. Catch it and aim your toss carefully. Throw the star through a big pile of trash for super big points. Toss the TNT up into the ocean to blow all the trash from the water.

Q:  Any gameplay hints?

A:  Don’t immediately throw trash back unless things are frantic. Catch the trash and hold it. From there you can guide remaining trash onto Abby’s head and football it. Also throw trash at angles with angled swipes. Aim carefully at larger piles of falling trash for more points.

Q:  How do I work the in-game pause button?

A:  Double tap.