Hot Stuff

TikiBar was made especially for lounge lizards and cool kittens. It’s a fast paced action game where you chop, stir, shake, mix and serve cocktails to bar patrons before the clock runs out! Pour the drinks quickly and accurately and increase your customer tips.  Challenge your friends and see who can make the most tips in a shift!   Original tiki lounge music soundtrack -  keen retro style graphics. Throw a match on that 151 and melt some faces right now!

Abby Crabby is a new game with a nostalgic feel and several original music tracks. Unfortunately for these crabs, they live in the Pacific Garbage Patch. Tilt to navigate Abby Crabby across the dangerous waters of the ocean floor as trash falls from above.  Protect the baby crabs by bouncing, catching and throwing thrash with a swipe! A portion from each sale is donated to the Monterey Bay Center for the Future of the Oceans.

MagmaHue is a simple application that allows quick and easy control of the Philips Hue lighting available from retailers like Apple, BestBuy and HomeDepot. It differs from other 3rd party Hue control applications by pushing the limits of simplicity and zero-configuration. Just point and shoot colors directly to all of your bulbs. Philips recently included the app and icon in some of their marketing materials.

RoboTuner is a simple realtime AutoTuning app. Sing into the microphone and a pitch corrected version comes out the speaker. Includes custom music tracks to sing along with. It was one of the very first apps of its kind released into the AppStore. It’s also been one of our most popular applications.

iSkream was our very first application. Even six plus years later, it’s still getting downloads. People love the retro steampunk look, the wiggly needle and the fun of recording voices and playing them backwards, pitch changed, distorted and echoed.